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Benefits of a TASKA Virtual Assistant

With TASKA, you gain more than an experienced virtual assistant; you access a comprehensive administrative team. Enjoy boutique agency perks like recruitment, project management, and seamless backfilling for any situation, ensuring your needs are always met with professionalism and efficiency.

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Let's Compare

Full-Time Employee


  • Hourly Rate of Pay

$ 15.00


  • Fringe Benefits @ 35%, Medical, 401(k), etc.

$   5.25


  • Overhead@ 35%, Office Space, Equipment, Supplies, Workers comp, Overtime Pay, etc.

$   5.25


  • Total Effective Rate of Pay

  • Annual Hours

$ 25.50




(10 hrs. x 52 wks.)

Total Annual Labor Costs



Hiring a TASKA assistant could
save you $34,840!

No additional costs beyond the hourly rate.

Work with more skilled, independently motivated administrative professionals than hiring in-house.

We partner with business owners who are proud of the work they produce and Lead Task Coordinators who specialize in project management and your customer experience.

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